Amazon Buying with Vanilla Visa Card

Vanilla Visa Gift Card is a debit visa card that can be accepted to any stores when you buy things. This card is mostly chosen by people to give to someone whom is really difficult to shop with. Visit now. In this way that person can choose an item he or she wish. You can also use the card for shopping online like Amazon. The card is as good as the cash to pay for the things.

Here are the things to do on how to shop online:

  1. Head over to and sign in your portfolio. If you forget to own one, you may make your own personal profile initially. Once you are signed in, look on the top right-part of the site. Browse and then click on your “Your Account” web link.
  2. Browse your way at the end part of the web page of “Your Account”. On the other box, get to the “Payment” section. You will find there each of your check selections you may have on the account.
  3. Just press the “Add a Credit Card” under the “Payment Options” you’ll see around the menu.
  4. Around the drop-down menu, simply opt for “Visa” as being the “Credit Card Type”. Key in the number of the gift card that you can find in front, the cardholder and also the date it would expire.
  5.  Everyone also have to choose the billing address of the information created below within your card. This will be utilized as being the shipping address in your direction.
  6.  Basically choose the “Continue” option on the last area of the page to distribute your Vanilla Visa gift card features. Now it’s possible to begin shopping online and compensate using the card you will have typed in.

You can visit their website at