Brokerage Accounts Offered by Scottrade

The largest online discount trading company as of the moment in United States now is the Scottrade. You can find 100 office networks all over the states. If you choose this company, it is essential for an investor or trader to know what type of account he or she wants. There are several types of account offered.  If you do not know what the accounts are offered, do your homework. In this way, you will be able to think where you want to put your money. Luckily, in this blog post, you can read the enumerated types of Scottrade accounts.

  • Education Accounts. The account that allows the parents to give a better future for their children through investing for their education. Further, it has a least $500 as opening deposit. There are two main types with this account, the custodial and Coverdell Education Savings. This type of account can easily be managed without setup, cancellations and per year fee.
  • Individual and Joint Accounts. The standard initial deposit is around $500 and whenever with profit is around $2000. On joint account, there will be a maximum of three clients. Most clients select this type of account because it almost fit them all.
  • Specialty Accounts. You will also find several types for this account when a member chooses according to what is fit in such as trust, state and investment club. Deciding on a specialty account for you needs a legitimate advisor.
  • Retirement Accounts. Clients are offered different categories of IRA or retirement plan. You can fund the account of at least $500 as starting deposit for launching a profile. This portfolio has no start up, inactivity, termination and management fees per year. Each type of retirement life account differs from tax and incentives.

Above gives you some insight about the different accounts of You can research more if the information is not enough.