All About

The is the online human resource system of the Sears Holding Corporations for their employees, managers and partners. Both present and past employees can create their own account. Here in this site are the things you can do on the website:

Information on Your Salary

The website is the place where you can view the information regarding the earnings you have in the company. So, while you are working with them you can do the following in the website:

  1. See your monthly pay checks.
  2. Do direct deposits to a bank.
  3. Change the information of your direct deposit.
  4. Update the W-4 information.

Other Things You Can Do in the Website

  1. Not for each benefit is good for the employee. You can find that will require requirements which include the entire work you’ll want to deliver on the firm before you could get these benefits. When you get on the website, you will notice the details on the web page concerning the benefit, the certification and when in 88sears.
  2. You can also get some resources that can be relating to your work. You can examine in case there are readily available trainings that you need to decide to use improve with your employment with Sears. The site can give you newsletters and updates.
  3.  On the internet site, it’s also possible to look at the procedures, code of conducts and rules via the Human Resource department. It will be basic steps on the subject of your employment, earnings and a lot more.
  4.  There are several constrained spots where it requires selected login info to locate these areas. However, some of these are merely available for Sears Managers, Admin or partners.
  5.  The website contains all the information that may be relatively access with the employees and associates so no one could have concerns regarding their employment over the corporation.

Apply online at sears now to explore and get to know what you can have as their employee.