Instructions in Joining Google Mail

Are you tired receiving annoying emails that are on your inbox every day? If you want to end your misery you may now want to use because among the free webmail providers this service has the best anti-spam filtering over the internet. It is free to create an account on Gmail. You do not have to pay even a cent throughout your usage. If in case you are a new user of internet and not that familiar with computers, you may want to know what are the process of signing up. The process is made simple and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

Here are the instructions of how to make a Google Mail account:

  1. Navigate your way to Gmail email sign up page, type Look at the right side of the page and look for the link “Create an account”.
  2. You will be navigated to the registration page whe
  3. re you will be ask by your first name, last name, email address info. You can check if what you choose is available.
  4. Create a password for a minimum of eight characters. Make some combination of your password to make it more secured. There is a meter that will indicate the strength of your password.
  5. Choose your security question. It is a question that Google will ask you in case you have forgotten your password. Make sure you choose a simple question that you can easily remember if the situation happens.
  6. Choose the location and add your birthday.
  7. Type the word in the capcha for verification purposes.
  8. Do not forget to read and accept the Google’s Terms of Service.

Congratulate yourself! You have successfully created your account. You can start emailing with your friends and family now with Gmail email.

The Courses To Take in University of Phoenix

Many people wanted to earn a degree but they could time is the constrain. But with online universities today, everything is already possible. Now you can see many universities offering online classes. One of them is the University of Phoenix. This institution offers many courses that people can have wide range of choices. This is if you still haven’t decided what to take. In University of Phoenix, you can find a range of interesting course to take. The newest Phoenix ecampus is their latest program catering online courses. So, if you want to earn another degree and do not want to quite your steady job while studying, here is some of the list of programs to take in this institution.

  • College of Health and Human Services. This course that strives to prepare the skills and knowledge of student when it comes to the forward movement wellness and also human program. This course features health care, nursing, counseling, human services and the criminal justice and security.
  • College of Education. The objective is usually to prepare trainees to turn into a good tutor and achieve success in the area of education. The scholars are going to get the teacher licensure. They can be ready to get to be the boss of their tasks being an administrator, educational specialist and teacher.
  • College of Information Systems and Technology. The undergrads for this program focus on the technologies. The objective is to incorporate the organization and technology administration. They take advantage of the digital methods of the internet like the system simulations and automated libraries.
  • School of Advanced Studies. Right here is the doctoral program in the college that covers the education, health care, business and management and the psychology masterclass.

Online review helps a lot when you are choosing a school and course to take.